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For buyers and sellers of art, antiques and any other category of personal property, we regularly act as agent. There are many methods of sale, so we analyze the pros and cons of each and help you make an informed decision as to the best option. If auction is the preferred route, we compare and contrast the terms and conditions and negotiate the best contract we can on your behalf, including reserves and ancillary fees. Our longstanding relationships with all the major auction houses enable us to secure the most favorable outcome.  If consignment to galleries is appropriate, we make sure your property will be properly exposed to the marketplace and marketed to the right clientele.
If a premise sale is warranted, we invite the right prospective buyers to view and purchase some or all of your offerings. If the internet is the correct path, we will help you get your property listed on the most reliable sites. Every situation is unique, and so we are not steadfast in any one method. Rather, we may encourage you to employ one or several. Fees and commissions are negotiable depending upon what plan suits your need and what services are actually provided.
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