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Trusts & Estates


We inspect, inventory and appraise all personal property for 706 filings, equitable distribution amongst heirs or prospective sale. We offer inclusive “one-stop” shopping for fiduciaries and and privates alike which includes fine art, antiques, jewelry, general contents and a variety of other specialty categories through our network of in-house and other expert associates. All items are described, catalogued and digitally photographed. Major items are researched and comparables are cited, together with commentary and narrative. All documents are USPAP conforming. We work closely with trust officers, attorneys and accountants to ensure documentation that is fully IRS compliant. For estate planners, we offer appraisals to monitor the net worth of individuals and as a guide for specific bequeaths and prospective gifts or donations.

We inspect, inventory and appraise select personal property for itemized, scheduled policies, and perform periodic updates as needed or in accordance with market fluctuation. All items are described and digitally photographed, with condition notes wherever warranted and researched wherever merited.


Marital Dissolusions

We inspect, inventory and appraise community property for division of assets in marital dissolution cases. We work closely with attorneys to provide a roadmap which will result in a fair and equitable settlement. 


Donations & Gifts

We provide appraisals for those who make charitable donations to non-profits as well as for gifts reportable to IRS. We work closely with accountants and institutions accepting such property so as to conform with IRS regulations including form 8283.

Damage & Loss

Fire. Earthquake. Theft. Flood. Disaster. Should a loss occur, we perform damage & loss appraisals which include the cost to repair as well as diminution of value for claimants, adjusters and insurers alike. We also supply or recommend preferred restorers, conservators and other repair specialists as needed. 

Prospective Sale

For those considering the sale of some or all valuables, we provide appraisals as a guide for pricing. As net results may vary, a discussion as to the various methods of sale and the pros and cons of each is also made part of the equation to inform prospective sellers.

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